The Family Tradition of Dreaming

Photos Courtesy of Cesar Zepeda Jr.

The American dream is alive and well in the Zepeda family, passed down from father to son.


Artist Corner: Nate Bartoshuk

Photos Courtesy of Nate Bartoshuk

Nate Bartoshuk’s dreams began when he was forced to start over.

Bartoshuk had big plans to play ice hockey. The future looked promising. He had committed years of his life and traveled the world to play. During his sophomore year of high school, he began preparing to move to a new school in Canada where he would join their varsity hockey team. But during the last game of his season, Bartoshuk suffered a fateful injury.


Pearce Quesenberry Shows Cancer Who’s Boss

Photos courtesy of Pearce Quesenberry

In 2008, a curly haired 10-year-old was diagnosed with brain cancer: Medulloblastoma, to be exact. She had two options: follow the traditional five-year treatment plan with a high chance of failure or pursue a new “high risk, high reward” experimental treatment. That brave curly haired 10-year-old is now Pepperdine senior Pearce Quesenberry.


Artist Corner: Carissa Mosley

Photos Courtesy of Claire Fagin

Across Carissa Mosley’s laptop are stickers advertising local galleries and film labs. Fiery red curls spill over her shoulders where green overalls fasten. Mosley, a senior Art major and Texas native, loves being an artist because she is encouraged to observe.


Student Bands Discuss Opening for Pacific Sounds Headliners

Photos Courtesy of Oddysseys

Jokes scribbled onto sticky notes cover the walls of KWVS Radio station, Pepperdine’s student-run radio station. Band posters and event flyers complete the decor. This is where the members of Oddysseys met, as they were all working at the station. Now they’re back to discuss music, memories and opening for Pacific Sounds.


Van Alden and Echosmith

Photos by Gabrielle Norte

Echosmith, a Southern California-based band traveling the world with their album “Talking Dreams,” headlined this year’s Waves Weekend concert. Van Alden, the solo project of Pepperdine alumnus Paul Abrahamian, opened for Echosmith with the help of his friend and music producer Zaya Leavitt.